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Group of people standing in a forest clearing looking up at trees

The beneficial impact of growing trees on farms was highlighted at a Soil Association Scotland event in Dumfries in June.

The day was designed to give a practical perspective and overview on everything from initial design to planting, pruning, managing and processing. Participants discussed the benefits of growing trees on farm, different planting and funding options. They also visited Barfil farm to see a mixed conifer and broadleaved woodland planted 25 years ago and find out about the beneficial outcomes that can be achieved for the whole farm.

Trees and farms - perfect partners

Louise Payne, Woodland Officer for South Scotland Conservancy, said: 

I often speak to farmers on a one to one basis about the opportunities and benefits of woodlands on the farm. The chance to speak to a group of interested land managers is always welcome and it’s great to see the wider interest in new woodland that’s really evident in the countryside these days.”

Lyn White, Farming and Land Use Manager, Soil Association Scotland, said:

The farm walk was great for opening up discussion of what we had covered in the morning session, putting it in a practical perspective with questions on management, choice of species, agroforestry, coppicing, shelter, reducing noise pollution, the beneficial impacts the woodland has had upon the farm ecosystem, with there now being  red squirrels, red kites, sparrow hawks, haw finches on the farm and discussing what future plans are for different areas of woodland on the farm."

Leafy forest image of young green trees and grass