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Two small boys on bikes at Loch Morlich Beach

Scotland's hottest summer on record brought hundreds of people out onto the golden sands of Loch Morlich last weekend. Many enjoyed cooling off in the crystal-clear water or took part in some watersport adventures, whilst others took in the amazing scenery and relaxed, soaking up the rays.

Unfortunately along with the sunshine and people come two very big problems - litter and fires.

Each morning throughout the summer, the team at Glenmore have to clean up the car parks and beach. The photo below shows just some of the mess we removed from the beach after the busy weekend. We want to welcome all our visitors with clean and tidy facilities, and we love seeing so many people out enjoying the forest park. While visiting our forests, we ask you to try as hard as you can to leave no trace.

Numerous bags of litter and rubbish piled up on a gravel track besides some trees

Rubbish collected at Loch Morlich beach, after last weekend

What do we mean by 'leave no trace'? Well, we want you to help us to keep Glenmore and our other destinations beautiful. These are special places to visit, and we can make them better very easily if we all do our part when we visit.

You can do this by following three simple guidelines:

  • Take all litter home with you
    Leave the beach, forest or park as clean, natural and pristine as you find it.
  • Camp in designated areas only
    Keep a look-out for signs telling you where you can and can't camp, and if in doubt, refer to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.
  • Do not light fires
    Some of our destinations have special picnic benches designed to safely house a disposable barbecue, but in most cases, lighting any fire outside - especially during very dry weather, like the current Summer conditions - is not advisable. It's also really important that smokers make sure all cigarette butts are extinguished, and properly disposed of. 

Help us keep our visitors, trees and wildlife safe - think twice before lighting a fire during the summer, and if in doubt, consult these guidelines from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

We want you, and everyone else who visits after you, to have a great experience win Scotland's forests. By doing these key things we can all help keep Glenmore, Loch Morlich and all our destinations the special places we know and love.

Thanks, and enjoy your visit!