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To celebrate the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, we asked our archaeologist ‘Travelling’ Matt to send us postcards from his fieldwork around the country.

Over the course of the year, Matt has promised to send us a postcard from some of the amazing places he finds himself in, describing the archaeology and talking to the Forestry Rangers who care for it.

Composite image of a postcard detailing where the page author has been traveling

Hi guys!

My first postcard comes from Aberdeenshire, where I have been helping to prepare a new interpretation panel for our fantastic Bronze Age recumbent stone circle in Clune Wood.

This is a special type of stone circle, where a large horizontal boulder (known as the recumbent) is framed by the two tallest stones of the circle (the flankers).

We think that fire was important – perhaps to cremate the dead – and that ceremonies may have taken place at night. I love how the priestess seems to fix you with her gaze!


 Black and white illustration of a group of people standing in a circle with some skulls and other religious or magical artefacts

We asked archaeological illustrator Alan Braby to create an insight into the sort of ceremony that could have taken place here over 4000 years ago.

Perfect for printing out (PDF 8 MB) and colouring, we'd love to see your work - why not share your finished masterpieces with us on facebook or twitter.

We're looking forward to hearing from Matt on his next trip, as he heads to Culbokie on the Black Isle, travelling 10,000 years in only 10 metres!

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