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Planting stock for productive broadleaves should be from a registered seed stand or from a provenance of known good quality. Provenances to be agreed once the contract has been awarded.

The final crop should be fully established and at least 1.5 – 2m in height by year 5, with the exceptions laid out in the woodland types and planting requirements table.

At least 90% of the productive crop should have a dominant single leader.


Where badger sets are present, machinery should not be active on or cross these sites. A 25m buffer around the sites will be required inside this buffer planting may be undertaken at light densities by hand.

Deer Management

The contractor will undertake all deer management on the site. Any deer fences erected will have to take access into account.

March Fences

Contractor to maintain March fences throughout the contract period.

Track Damage

The contractor at their own expense will repair any damage caused to the existing network of tracks.

Chemical Use

Only pesticides / herbicides on the FSC’s approved list will be used for establishment.


In relation to site security it is important to secure all gates and barriers to prevent unauthorised access to the site. The contractor will be responsible for maintaining security.

Open Space

Open space will be integrated within the planting areas to allow for watercourses, fence lines, access etc.  This will amount to no more than 20% averaged across the site, with the exception of the areas outlined above where there will be a greater percentage of open space.

Ground Prep

The choice of ground preparation should take into account the sensitivities of the site and its place within the landscape. Forest and Water Guidelines must be strictly adhered to during all operations. There will be no deep ploughing on the site and shallow ploughing will be restricted to slopes < 9%.

Riparian Areas

Machine preparation in these areas will abide by the buffer zones laid out in Forest and Water Guidelines, however, small groups of trees can be hand screefed and planted up to 5m away from the watercourses.


All aspirational paths/Rights Of Way etc. should be left out of planting with a variable buffer of approx. 10m.


Example woodland types and planting requirements

[These are to be read in conjunction with lease area planting maps.]

Woodland RefWoodland TypePlanting Density %Species%open space Net planted area Minimum expected height at year 5 Mixture information
 1 Productive conifers 2800 stems/ha @1.9 x 1.9 spacing Sitka Spruce:100%  15  16.8  2 metres  n/a
 2 Productive conifers 2800 stems/ha @1.9 x 1.9 spacing  Scots Pine:100%  15  1.3  2 metres  n/a
 3 Productive conifers 2800 stems/ha @1.9 x 1.9 spacing 

Sitka Spruce: 70%

Hybrid Larch: 30% 

 15  8.0  2 metres Intimate/random
 4 Productive broadleaf 5000 stems/ha @1.4 x 1.4 spacing 

Downy Birch:50% Ash: 50% Ash:35% Sessile Oak:15% Beech:50% Plum:25% Pear:25% Cherry:25%

 15  5.4  2 metres Intimate groups of Ash
      Total net planted area   31.5    
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