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  1. Market woodland creation by short-term leasing, inviting applications
  2. Sift and score proposals received against establishment criteria
  3. Agree heads of terms for option/lease
  4. Calculate rental payments as applicable
  5. Enter option period of up to two years
  6. Work up and gain approval for forest design plan
  7. Enter lease period
  8. Establish woodland
  9. Conclude lease and hand back woodland to landholder.


Forest plan & establishment delivery for Option B

The lease areas will be planned, established and maintained by the agent/management company who submits the application, subject to the proposal meeting required criteria and budget conditions.

A contract will be entered into, that sets the generic standards expected of the planning/establishment contractors. Site specific specifications will be dealt with on a site by site basis.

Required changes to specifications or operations will be agreed between Forestry and Land Scotland and the contractor as part of ongoing contract management.


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