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Wildfire Warning: there is a very high risk of wildfire for the whole of Scotland from 30 - 5 June. Please plan ahead and check online before visiting.

We’re extremely fortunate to have a proud and committed workforce, so it’s vital that we ensure that our workplaces are supportive, safe and inclusive.

We have many different jobs across the Agency, all of which contribute to the success of Scotland’s forests and land. Below are the main directorates and some of these roles.

Business Services

Business Services encompasses a number of core business areas including: Finance and Procurement; Digital Services; HR including Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Learning and Development; Fleet and Buildings; Records and Data Protection.

Some of the roles within these teams would include:

  • Procurement Support Officer
  • Finance Manager
  • Digital Infrastructure Engineer
  • Field Support Technician
  • Building Compliance Officer
  • Regional Building Surveyors
  • Mobile Mechanic
  • Workshop Manager
  • HR Business Partner
  • Pay & Reward Officer
  • Wellbeing Advisor
  • Health & Safety Advisor
  • Learning & Development Manager
  • Information & Data Protection Officer
Community and Visitor Services

Community and Visitor Services are responsible for promoting and managing the many recreation sites and facilities in our national forests. Community advisors also support regional teams in community engagement and rural development.

We have various roles within the national and regional teams such as:

  • Visitor Experience Manager
  • Communities & Rural Development Co-ordinator
  • Marketing Manager
  • Visitor Services Forester
  • Recreation Ranger
Corporate Services

Corporate Services are responsible for managing corporate projects and change; communications and branding; as well as corporate governance and assurance.

Here we have roles such as:

  • Change Manager
  • Programme Support Officer
  • Internal Communications Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Digital Editor
  • Corporate Development Officer
  • Programme Manager
Estate Development

Estate Development is responsible for managing income and added value opportunities in Scotland’s forests and land through Land Agency and Agriculture, Acquisitions and Disposals, Renewables projects and Commercial Development.

Some of our ED roles are:

  • Area Land Agent
  • Acquisition & Disposals Land Agent
  • Land Registration Project Manager
  • Renewables Programme Manager
  • Agricultural Advisor
  • Commercial Development Manager
Land Management

Land Management is the largest team. It supports our five regional teams by providing national leadership and services related to planning, environment, technical services, marketing and sales.

We have a range of roles across the various disciplines within Land Management such as:

  • Planning Civil Engineer
  • Bridge Engineer
  • Nursery Operative
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Landscape Architect
  • Environment Advisor
  • Planning Manager
  • Planning Forester

Within Forest Management Delivery there are various roles including:

  • Wildlife Ranger and Manager
  • Forest Craftsperson
  • Forest Management & Stewardship Manager
  • Harvesting Machine Operators


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