James McIntyre of Beglan carried the Green Flag of Kincardine onto the battlefield at Culloden. James was the standard bearer for Colonel John Roy Stuart, one of the heroes of the unsuccessful 1745 Jacobite rebellion.

By the battle's end many regiments' standards were captured by the enemy. These coloured flags were symbols of the Jacobites' defeat.  On Wednesday 4 June 1746, at noon, the hangman carried Prince Charlie's own flag to the Cross in Edinburgh and burned it.

James McIntyre, however, rescued the Green Flag of Kincardine from this fate. Every year on August 19, in memory of the day the rebellion began, he walked to the top of Cairngorm and flew the flag. All his life he looked after the flag. On his deathbed he handed it to his trusted friend, John Stewart of Pityoulish.

"John, I have sent for you thinking you are the fittest to take charge of what I myself got charge of forty years ago. It is my dear John Roy's banner.

"That bravest of men gave it to me on that fatal field of Culloden, with his command that nothing but death should separate us. I have kept it since hoping long that its true owner might have use of it, and for me, but am now going the way of the flesh. I can do no more." James McIntyre quoted by Rev Forsyth (1900)  in "In the Shadow of Cairngorm".

John Stewart handed the flag to the Duke of Gordon before he died.

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