Trees were an important part of everyday life for people in this area. The woodlands of Kinloch provided timber - and the MacDonalds of Sleat employed wood keepers to look after them.

The landowners did not allow tenants to cut down trees, and strictly forbade the grazing of goats in the forest. They ordered the construction of walls topped by brushwood around many areas of woodland to keep out grazing animals. You can see the remains of just such a wall at Leitir Fura.

Legend tells us that the rowan tree has the power to ward off witches. Many grew around the township of Leitir Fura, but they did not keep away all the bad luck.

Fura Mhόr the great oak

The township got its name from Fura Mhόr, a great oak tree that grew on the hillside.  This oak was rumoured to be so large that fifty people could sit under its shade.

However, one summer, children from the MacInnes family were playing in the woods. They lit a fire near the oak, which then caught fire and burnt down. As a punishment, the family was evicted from their home.

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