Many natural places in Scotland have stories and traditions attached to them that make them a part of people's everyday life. Locals believed that Clach na Criche held magical properties to fulfil wishes.

Local folklore tells of a well or spring that existed nearby to the stone. To gain your wish you had to fill your mouth with water and pass through the hole in Clach na Criche three times, without touching the stone with your hands. While doing this you must continue to hold the water in your mouth and think hard of your heart's desire. On completing this ritual, your wish would be granted.

Another tradition was to pay respects to the dead at Clach na Criche. The Wishing Stone was a stopping place on the twelve mile funeral march from Lochaline to Drimnin graveyard.

"Peace to thy stone and a stone to thy cairn".
Traditional Gaelic Benediction

The mourners would walk down to the beach and each take a stone to build a cairn, a pile of stones. This would serve as a monument to remember their loved one who had just died.

Local historian Ian Thornber provided this information.

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