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The days are getting longer, baby animals are popping up across the country, and there are colourful flowers lining the forest floor, so make the most of spring with our round up of activities, treats and events.


hedgehog sitting on moss and grass

Spring wildlife in the woods

As the cold winter months draw to a close, there's wildlife aplenty to spot out in the wild.


wild garlic pesto and leaves on table

Spectacular spring activities

From making tasty treats to flower pressing, there’s lots to do for all ages this spring in your local forest.


daffodils in the forest

Wildflowers in the forest

As forests and meadows burst into life, there’s plenty of colours and foraging opportunities


snowdrops on snowy grass

Snowdrops in the forest

Keep an eye out for these pretty white flowers next time you’re in the forest!


Vibrant display of Northern lights or aurora across a starry sky

Spring stargazing at the Dark Sky Park

The skies change with every season. Catch Orion before he disappears for the summer, or see if you can spot Ursa Major (The Great Bear) by following the tail of the Plough. Why not visit the UK's first Dark Sky Park?