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Improve your skills

Would you go skiing without getting lessons?  Mountain biking is the same – the more you put into it to learn the correct techniques, the more you’ll get out of it.

Some of our mountain bike locations provide skills areas so you can practise different techniques before taking to the trails, but if you really want to progress and improve,  we recommend getting some skills training.

Practice your skills and techniques

Our guides can show you how to practice some of the main mountain biking techniques.  Seven of these are core techniques, and once you’ve mastered those, you can go on to perfect the rest.

Learn about core mountain biking techniques, such as weighting and unweighting, and tackling berms.

Once you've mastered the core techniques, read our guide on improving your skills.

Safety in Groups

More accidents happen when you crash into your riding buddies than when you’re mastering the technical stuff.  Always leave a gap of at least five bike lengths between yourself and the rider in front before you shoot down the singletrack, and take care when riding in groups on the forest roads.