Most of our visitor centres, car parks and mountain bike trails are now open. Check what’s open near you before you travel and enjoy your visit safely.

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We grade all forest trails so you can choose the route that’s right for you. The grades describe the overall character of the trail as easy, moderate or strenuous and are marked with the following symbols:

easy trail grade symbol           moderate trail grade symbol           stenuous trail grade symbol

Some of the Easy trails also meet the Countryside for All standards and are marked with this symbol:

fcs trail grade easycfa

Trail times

Different people walk at very different speeds, so the times we suggest are just a guide. We’ve allowed time to sit and admire the view now and then, and you can add some more if you want to linger over a picnic.

Terrain descriptions

Each trail has a description of the path surface, any obstacles along the way, and the slopes you can expect. Wherever possible, we’ve made these descriptions consistent so you can compare a route in Dumfries with one in Dornoch.

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