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Welcome to Autumn

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Autumn is one of the most magical seasons for our forests. As the temperatures fall we see canopies changing colour and putting on a show of dazzling yellows, oranges and reds before letting them fall. It’s a spectacular event, and we’re fortunate to look after some of Scotland’s best spots to witness this annual display.

Whether you enjoy a gentle stroll followed by a hot coffee, or prefer a bracing ride on your bike, or even a spot of stargazing in the cool, clear skies, Scotland’s national forests have something for everyone.


There's so much to explore in the cool and crisp Autumn conditions, both near and far. Lace up your boots and head out for a stroll. Or buckle up for a cycle on one of our many mountain bike trails. And if you prefer to stay closer to home, try one of our great activity sheets, a great way to get kids thinking about nature.

Roving reporters

This season we've asked our staff throughout the country to send in photos of the changing season. From classic colours to fantastic fungi, and wonderful wildlife to amazing adventures, we'll bring you some stunning shots of all things Autumn.

Look around

Autumn might just be the most beautiful time of year. Make the most of it by packing a camera when out and about - you never know when you might just find a stunning view. That includes at night. Some of our forests are renowned for their low light pollution and are perfect for a bit of stargazing. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might spot some of Scotland's most famous residents too!