You've spent many hours dreaming of your ideal Christmas tree, and now it's time to make those dreams a reality. Here's a useful guide to selecting a Christmas tree that ticks all your festive boxes.

(Please note that not every type of tree is available at our sales centres, for advice call the centre in advance.)

4 types of christmas tree with name labels

Different types of Christmas tree


norway spruce

Norway spruce

The most traditional looking Christmas tree - has a mid-green colour, a fine, delicate foliage and a distinctive 'Christmassy' scent. Spruce lose their needles quicker than other trees once moved indoors, so its best to buy closer to Christmas.

Add a touch of Scandi style to your festive decorations this year.


nordmann fir

Nordman fir

Distinctive broad, bold green needles with whitish underside. Firs have strong branches which make them a great choice for hanging lots of decorations on.

It's a popular Christmas tree because the needles aren't sharp and don't shed as much as other trees.

lodgepole pine

Lodgepole pine

A cheerful green colour, tinged slightly with yellow, and a sharp fragrance. It drops fewer needles than fir and spruce, which makes it a long lasting tree. It also saves on hoovering time!

Used by Native Americans to hold up tipis, this sturdy tree also makes a rather dashing Christmas tree.

scots pine

Scots pine

Fragrant and attractive, this lovely native conifer has blue-green foliage and soft needles.

The perfect choice if you'd like Scotland's national tree on display in your living room this Christmas.






Found your favourite tree? Now come along to one of our Christmas tree sales centres, and check out our Top 5 tips for caring for your Christmas Tree.

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