Culbin's shifting sands, forest, and ever-changing coastline - a fascinating and varied landscape to explore and discover.

Dunes and foreshore

Walk the 14km length of Culbin’s coastline and observe how nature can change a landscape.  Saltmarsh gives way to mudflats, stretches of sand, and great forest-topped dunes being rapidly eroded by the highest tides. Find out more about the landscape of Culbin's dunes and foreshore.

The changing forest

From a vast area of mobile dunes, to plantation, to natural regeneration of the forest.  Read more about the changing forest including how foresters chose what to plant at Culbin, and how.

Culbin's landscape - changes through time

The rocks in this part of Morayshire formed some 250 million years ago, and the land is still rising again after the most recent ice age.  There have been many changes to Culbin's landscape over time.


Culbin’s diverse landscape and unusual species have achieved national and international recognition and are protected by law.  Read more about its designations, such as being a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Managing the forest

Find out more about how Forestry Commission Scotland manages Culbin forest to balance timber production with environmental and nature conservation objectives.

Managing Culbin's coastline

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is responsible for Culbin Sands Reserve. Read more on what's involved in managing Culbin's coastline.

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