Prehistory, wartime history, natural history…Culbin’s past and present are well worth getting to know in more detail.

Although not all the history leaves visible evidence today, once you know the stories you’ll find yourself looking at Culbin from a very different perspective.  It’s so much more than just forest and foreshore!

Culbin's human history timeline

The human history timeline gives an overview of human activity at Culbin through the ages.

Early peoples at Culbin

Why did early settlers arrive at Culbin and what evidence do we have of them?  Find out more on the early peoples page.

Culbin's natural history

Changes through time looks at how events such as the ice age have impacted on the landscape here, while the natural timeline page outlines how Culbin's plants, wildlife and landscape have changed over the millenia and in recent history.

The changing forest describes the early attempts at planting on the dunes and how the forest we see today has come about.

Sandstorms, myths and legends

What happened to the Kinnaird estate?  Was it a natural disaster?  Or were there different forces in play?  Sandstorms, myths and legends looks at some of the myths surrounding Culbin.

Culbin's wartime history

Culbin forest had a role to play in both the World Wars of the 20th century.  There's more information on the Culbin's wartime history page.

The Culbin Story

Our archive film was made just as the vast task of establishing a forest at Culbin was coming to an end. It tells the story of the people of Culbin being driven from the land by advancing sand and then the mammoth effort by the Forestry Commission to establish the forest we see today.

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