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Storm Clean-up: Many of our forests, especially in the east and south of Scotland, remain closed. Please plan ahead and check online before visiting.

Ospreys have been nesting in the Trossachs region since the 1970's, although of recent years the species is under decline due to illegal killing and low breeding numbers.

Annual migration

Around August or September each year, the ospreys migrate to spend the winter in the warmer climes of Africa. Then during late March or April, they return to Scotland.

Visiting the Aberfoyle Ospreys

Between March and September, you can visit the wildlife room at The Lodge Forest Visitor Centre for the chance to catch a glimpse of these noble creatures. During the summer season, our live CCTV stream lets you get up close to Aberfoyle's famous ospreys, offering a unique opportunity to observe the birds in their natural environment.

It isn't just ospreys that call Aberfoyle their home: you might also be lucky enough to see red squirrels, nuthatches, jays and pine martens at the wildlife hide.

The feed is live from 9.30am until 5.30pm daily. Please note, we are experiencing some technical issues with the osprey camera feed at the moment. Weather, terrain and wear and tear can all affect the feed, so please bear with us if it is not showing below. In particular, our close-up camera is experiencing major outages. You can watch highlights from the feed and get the latest news at The Lodge Aberfoyle page on Facebook.

Watch the webcam

Want to get involved?

We welcome volunteers at The Lodge Forest Visitor Centre, and it's a great way to meet new people and learn new skills. Volunteers play a key role in educating the general public about our wildlife population and can help visitors feel more connected with the natural world. If you're interested in getting involved, give us a call.

Find out more

We work in partnership with RSPB Scotland to deliver wildlife viewing at The Lodge Forest Visitor Centre.

Read more about ospreys on our wildlife pages or see more ospreys at the Tweed Valley Osprey Project.


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