As you might expect for a place with such a superb natural environment, Affric is home to Scotland’s most spectacular birds. Golden eagles and black grouse both nest in the glen, though you will need good luck and sharp eyes to see these rare species.

Ospreys nest here too: keep a look out around Loch Beinn a’Mheadhain, where they swoop down to catch fish.

Smaller birds in the forest

There are many other smaller birds in the woodland. Crested tits and Scottish crossbills are common here, both of them species that depend on well established pine forest.

Scottish crossbills are fascinating birds. They are closely related to other crossbill species that live across the northern hemisphere, but seem to have a unique pattern of song that some observers have described as "a Scottish accent"! Their crossed beaks help them extract seeds from pine cones.

The best way to see forest birds is to spend time sitting quietly, a pair of binoculars at the ready. Listen out for the birds’ calls as you walk, and scan the branches above you for quick movements as the birds fly to and fro.

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