In summer, Affric is a good place to spot butterflies like pearl-bordered fritillary, Scotch argus and common blue. It’s also home to fourteen different species of dragonfly, which breed in the streams and pools.
Ants and beetles: part of the healthy forest

Most people like butterflies and dragonflies, but other insects are just as much part of a healthy forest. Watch the ground closely and you may see tiger beetles running at amazing speed to catch their prey.

There are also plenty of wood ants’ nests in the forest: great mounds in which as many as 100,000 individuals may live, organised almost as if the entire nest is a single organism.Wood Ants (Formica aquilonia).

The dreaded midge

One Affric insect you may not be pleased to see is the midge. They’re found all over Scotland, but Affric has a particularly high population and on a still day they may swarm round as you get out of the car. The best way to avoid them is to keep moving. Get out of the car park quickly, and if you want to sit down to admire the view, choose somewhere with a bit of wind blowing.

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