Pine forests have a unique collection of plants, many of them bound to each other in intricate relationships. Orchids, for example, need fungi that grow in their roots to help them get nutrients from the soil. Glen Affric has several orchid species, like the wonderfully-named creeping ladies’ tresses, which is usually found only in forests over 90 years old.

Twinflower is another remarkable plant only found in pine forests. Each stem carries a pair of delicate flowers, attracting insects with a sweet, aniseed-like scent.

Other flowers to look out for

You will be lucky to see these two rarities, but there are plenty of other flowers to enjoy.

Watch out for chickweed wintergreen along the paths around Dog Falls in June: it’s another species that grows only in long-established woodland, or ground that has been woodland in the past.

In spring, primroses cover the ground in the eastern part of the glen and in July and August bell heather and common heather splash the hillsides with purple.

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