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We actively engage with communities in decisions relating to the management of the national forests and land and encourage community groups to use the national forests and land to benefit their wider communities.

Young girl in turquoise wet weather gear and woollen hat ties string around trees, watched by young boy in blue wet weather clothes, at Sutherland's Grove, Barcaldine

Community guidance

This guide is for:

  • groups of people in the same local area,
  • groups of people with a common interest, who want to run activities,
  • groups of people who want to use or get involved in managing land or buildings in one of Scotland's national forests.

The guide provides advice on what you'll need in place, how to make your initial approach and what you can expect from us.

Many activities can take place without the need for permission from us. Our national forests and lands are great places for community wellbeing projects, and encourage education and learning in an outdoor setting. If, after reading, our guide you think your community project or activity may need an agreement with us, please get in touch with your local office.

We get approached by lots of individuals, businesses and community groups and have a general enquiry form that will help us best advise your community group on how to proceed. Please provide as much information as possible, this will help us understand your idea better.  


Further information for community groups

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Get in touch

If you have any questions about taking a community project forward in our forests, contact your local Forestry and Land Scotland office.

Regional office contact details