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Glen Lochy North Land Management Plan was approved on 10 November 2016, following consultation with a range of stakeholders. The plan is valid for ten years and will be due for revision in 2026.

The plan area is situated in a prominent position at the junction of the A82 and A85, just to the north of Tyndrum. Covering approximately 200 ha (500 acres) the plan area is contiguous with the much larger Glen Lochy and Glen Orchy land management plan area, a separate plan.

Key objectives for this management unit are the phased reduction in the dominance of Sitka spruce and an increase in the percentage of broadleaved species. These actions will bring a number of benefits including greater resilience in the light of climate change, improved habitats for wildlife and improved visual appearance in an important area for tourism.

Documents and maps


3D representations of felling and restocking illustrating how the woodlands might appear over the period of the plan.

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