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Ladybank is situated in the geographical area known as the Howe of Fife; a largely flat, agricultural landscape, overlooked by the Lomond hills approximately 10km to the south west. The forest displays no significant landforms, sitting, almost entirely uniformly, at 45 metres above sea level. There are transitory views of the forest from the railway line and the various roads that pass beside and through the blocks but there are no significant overviews that help to place the forest within the wider landscape.

The forest consists of a single block, made up of a number of dispersed coupes, surrounding the town of Ladybank in Fife and separated by the East Coast Mainline railway and the A92. The forest covers a total area of 281 ha and predominantly consists of stands of mature Scot’s and Corsican pine. The extent of the plan area and location is defined in the map below.

Close-up of green, leaf-covered trees in Ladybank Woods

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