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Craigvinean is an historic and iconic forest covering 1938 ha adjacent to Dunkeld. The forest provides an important backdrop to views from the town and the A9 road which runs along its eastern border. The forest is a key part of the River Tay & Dunkeld National Scenic Area.

The forest also includes the smaller block of Ladywell (131 ha) to the south of the River Braan and on the northern slopes of Birnam Hill.

Craigvinean is an important timber production forest and is noted for its’ part in developing Continuous Cover Forestry in Britain, and as such is a National Trial Site to demonstrate the largescale application of non-clearfell management.

Craigvinean forest has a strong recreation element, well used by local walkers and mountain bikers. The forest also surrounds the Hermitage, an 18th Century pleasure-ground for the Dukes of Atholl set around the River Braan gorge. The Hermitage is managed by National Trust for Scotland and contains some of the tallest Douglas fir in Britain.

Environmentally important, the forest is an important area for red squirrels abuts the River Tay Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

The purpose of the new Land Management Plan is to set out objectives and prescriptions for the next ten years in detail, and to outline longer-term direction. The consultation and plan will help us to fulfil the legal and certification requirements of sustainable forest management as required by the UK Forest Standard and the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme.

River with autumnal trees along each bank; tree-covered hill in distance


  • Spring 2018: Initial scoping
  • 2018/19: Plan preparation
  • Autumn 2019: Consultation
  • Autumn 2020: Submit to Scottish Forestry

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