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The revised Strathspey Land Management Plan (LMP) details how we intend to manage the forests over the coming 10 years. The LMP covers an area of approximately 9,200 hectares. Strathspey is one of the largest and finest examples of Native Caledonian Pinewood that once covered a large proportion of Scotland. It is a highly designated forest for its rare habitats, species and scenic value. It has a long history of habitat restoration and conservation. It is highly used for recreation by both locals and visitors from outside the area.

The revised plan is currently with Scottish Forestry awaiting approval. During this time it will be on the public register on the Scottish Forestry website. Enquiries can be made through Scottish Forestry. All of the maps and documents submitted to Scottish Forestry can be viewed below.


  • Draft Plan Submission to Scottish Forestry: September 2021
  • Final Plan Submission to Scottish Forestry for approval: April 2022

Documents and maps

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