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Drone image of harvesting site next to loch

The A82 Project is harvesting trees and making safe the hillsides that we manage above the A82 trunk road between Glencoe and Inverness. The project, which started in 2012, will take some 10 to 15 years to complete.

Why are we doing this work?

The trees on these hillsides were planted in the 1920s and 1930s when the road bore no resemblance to the busy trunk road that it is now. The trees on these slopes are now mature and of an age for harvesting. Failure to remove them will increase the risk of them being brought down by heavy winds, which will mean increased risk to the fabric and amenity of the A82.

Who are we working with?

As well as using our own civil engineering, harvesting and planning staff the work delivered to date would not have been possible with the ongoing effort and support of geotechnical engineering consultants, the emergency services, Transport Scotland, Traffic Scotland, Bear Scotland and The Highland Council.

Skyline contract procurement

Large scale harvesting operations have been underway above the A82 since the start of the 2013. The initial operations at Glen Righ (south of Fort William) involved a harvester/forwarder team (with tree surgery support) working immediately adjacent to the A82, and a skyline winch team working opposite the Loch Linnhe picnic site and extracting trees uphill to the forest road.

In 2017 with the completion of work at Glen Righ, the skyline winch operation was relocated to Primrose Bay between Invermoriston and Drumnadrochit, and the first felling area was completed in springtime that year.

During 2019 with the conclusion of this initial contract, the opportunity for the felling and extraction of trees above Grotaig (just south of Drumnadrochit above the A82) for the next 5 years has been advertised. The contract will be awarded before the end of 2019 with the plan now to start felling at Grotaig in October 2020.

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Forestry and Land Scotland
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