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Migration progress

Luna stopped overnight in the wooded valley beside the coast near to Lythe on 20 August. The next day, she moved on again, continuing her way south to Lincolnshire. She flew 151km, stopping overnight in a woodland belt near Ulceby Cross, close to the A1104 road.

Satellite view of Yorkshire with osprey flightpath marked

Overnight roost for Luna in Yorkshire near to Lythe 19 August

Satellite view of Yorkshire with osprey flightpath marked

Heading south

Satellite view of Lincolnshire with osprey flightpath marked

Crossing the Humber into Grimsby

On 21 August, Luna left her latest roost and travelled a further 100km. She reached Fenton in Cambridgeshire where she spent the night in a tree near to the roundabout between the A141 and the B1040.

By 6:30am on 22 August she was on the move again, heading to St Ives. She proceeded south east, crossing the Cambridgeshire countryside, down to Southend on Sea. At 4pm she crossed the Thames estuary and reached the Isle of Grain. She stopped beside the power station at Wallend, having flown another 133 km of her first migration journey.

Satellite view of east England with osprey flightpath marked

Along the Wash and Cambridgeshire route

Satellite view of Ulceby Cross with osprey flightpath marked

Roost near to Ulceby Cross

Satellite view of Hampshire with osprey flightpath marked

Overnight roost 21 August

Satellite view of south east England with osprey flightpath marked

To Southend On Sea

Satellite view of Thames River with osprey flightpath marked

Luna reaches the Isle of Grain

Computer generated illustration of a power station

Luna stops near to the power station close to Wallend, Isle Of Grain

Aerial view of a power station

Last data point on 22 August at 4pm by the power station

Satellite view of the UK with osprey flightpath marked

Luna’s route through the UK, not far to go before leaving us now

So far so good, and fingers crossed, she will eave the UK this weekend.

There has not been any news of Buzz, but it is likely that he has started his journey. Although Hope’s tracker is not giving any information out, she was seen on the nest yesterday morning. SS was also there the day before, bringing a fish for her. Her solar-powered tracker is likely not getting charged up with enough sunlight, especially if she is just hanging around at the nest site.

More news as we get it!