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Glencoe Lochan in the rain flanked by forest of conifers and other trees with mist covered snow capped Pap of Glencoe in background

A lochan is Scottish Gaelic for a small loch, and they are incredible spots to reconnect with nature and stretch your legs. 

Here is a list of some of our favourite lochans across Scotland waiting for you to explore.

Aerial view of three lochs dotted amongst vast conifer forest and the Cairngorm Mountains, at Uath Lochans

Uath Lochans

A forest of pools and great views. 

This one is a bit off the beaten track but well worth the narrow winding road, as it's one of the prettiest woodlands around.  The name 'Uath Lochan' means the 'small hawthorn loch' in Gaelic. It has two trails to choose from, the Uath Lochans Trail takes you through mixed woodland to the tranquil lochan. While the Farleitter Crag Trail brings you high above to views of the lochan nestled in amidst the Spey valley. 

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A man in a blue jacket stands before a old bridge over a rocky river

Lochan Uaine (The Green Lochan)

A wonderful mix of tall pine, heather and blueberry.

Allt Mor is a beautiful pine woodland with heather and juniper. Take a slight detour and follow the blue trail markers up towards Ryvoan Trail. Here, you will find the beautiful Lochan Uaine or The Green Lochan. This adds 2.4 km onto the trail but is well worth the trip.  Look out for the small headstones from the Dennistoun families' pet dogs at the lodge, buried a century ago. 

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A small loch in a forest with lily pads

Lochan na Dunaich

A peaceful loch alive with a mysterious history.  

This truly is a quiet spot to unwind or enjoy a picnic. Take the Lochan na Dunaich Trail through open oakwoods and around the lochan on this short moderate trail. The name, Lochan na Dunaich, means ‘loch of sadness’ in Gaelic and it’s said a kelpie haunts this water. 

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