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Whilst we would normally be encouraging your visits to enjoy all our forests and land have to offer, the government’s vital ongoing restrictions on travel mean we must look a bit closer to home for our daily dose of fresh air.

This is an inconvenience for many of us but it's worth remembering this is a temporary and minor inconvenience that plays a major contribution to the fight against Coronavirus, helping to both slow the spread of the disease and to support our NHS.

No doubt even with lots of inventive ways of passing the time and keeping everyone entertained as we look to keep ourselves and our families safe, you will look for some fresh air and perhaps a moment of calming silence. So when you do venture out for your daily exercise, stay local (follow Scottish Government advice and don’t drive) – you’re more than welcome to visit one of our local forests that you can get to on foot, by bike, or by wheelchair. Just remember to follow physical distancing guidelines.

And although you are perhaps not able to get out and about to your usual haunts at the moment, we wanted to reassure you that our forests and land will be here to welcome you back when it’s safe to do so. In the meantime here’s a view from our image library...

Sunlight through ancient pinewood at Glenmore Forest

Ancient woodland at Glenmore © FLS and courtesy of Colin Leslie


Frozen ponds surrounded by forest at Inshriach

Frozen ponds at Inshriach © FLS and courtesy of Colin Leslie


Snow covered rocks in a river through woodland at Little Garve

Woodland river at Little Garve © FLS and courtesy of Colin Leslie


A single tree overlooking a misty glen surrounded by mountains at Glen Affric

Misty Glen Affric © FLS and courtesy of Colin Leslie


A large loch surrounded by grass-covered mountains at Ratagan

Loch at Ratagan © FLS and courtesy of Colin Leslie


A rocky river beneath trees at Reelig Glen

River at Reelig Glen © FLS and courtesy of Colin Leslie


A high waterfall crashing into a river surrounded by trees at Slattadale

Waterfall at Slattadale © FLS and courtesy of Colin Leslie


A view of lochans from the top of a hill; surrounding forest extending into the distance at Uath Lochans

View from Farleitter Crag at Uath Lochans © FLS and courtesy of Colin Leslie