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 Two adult ospreys watch a chick hatch

Proud parents watch their first chick hatch, 29 May 4pm.

SS and Mrs O hatched their first chick on Wednesday 29 May at 4pm. Volunteer Lorna Corley Jackson was lucky enough to be on duty in the Wild Watch Room at Glentress Forest, where she was able to record the little one hatching as the proud parents stood by.

“I’m so thrilled, it was one of the most special events of my life,” says Lorna. “It will live with me forever… I feel blessed.”

We are indeed very lucky to be able to witness such a beautiful event taking place, thanks to the remote cameras, technology and our viewing centres. This would otherwise remain a hidden wonder, taking place deep in the forest, and unnoticed by anyone.

Now we have two chicks; but no great footage of them yet, apart from SS trying to feed them as mum preened her soaking feathers. The weather has turned awful in Tweed Valley, with high winds and torrential rain. Mrs O is doing a great job of keeping her newly hatched chicks warm and dry so far, as you can see on this week’s video feed highlights:

This week’s highlights from the nest – now with added chick!

We’ll be back next week with more news from the nest!