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Future Forest Podcast

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A podcast exploring the environmental stories of Forestry and Land Scotland and how land management can help create future ready places equipped for the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis.

Join us as we explore a range of projects and environments from across Scotland to understand how forests and land can help with climate change and the biodiversity crisis. This podcast celebrates all the hard work our staff are doing every day to ensure we are building resilient forests for the future.

Series one


This week on Future Forest we're learning all about riparian zones. These areas can also help with climate change adaptation, fish populations, and tourism. Tune in as we speak to FLS staff to learn more about riparian zones and how we are restoring these important habitats along iconic Scottish rivers.

On this podcast: FLS Resilience Manager, Alan Gale; Planning Manager, Graeme Findley
Length: 11:58 mins  |  Recorded: November 2021  |  Transcript: Episode three

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In this episode, we're discussing how we're using science to create forests more resilient in the face of climate emergency and biodiversity crises. Our Resilience Manager, Alan Gale talks to us about the importance of long term planning and some of the main climate concerns facing Scotland today.

On this podcast: FLS Resilience Manager, Alan Gale
Length: 12:48 mins  |  Recorded: October 2021  |  Transcript: Episode two

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In this episode, we're introducing the show by speaking with some of FLS’s senior leadership about our new Climate Change Plan. This plan will guide us as we continue to develop how we manage our land for the changing weather.

On this podcast: FLS CEO Simon Hodgson, Director of Land Management Trefor Owen, Director of Business Services Graeme Hutton
Length: 09:32 mins  |  Recorded: October 2021  |  Transcript: Episode one

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