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Forestry and Land Scotland is inviting local residents to give their views on draft plans for how Central and North Mull’s woodlands will be managed over the next ten years.

The local FLS team will host a drop-in session at Aros Hall, Tobermory on Monday 16 May (2.00-6.00pm), where people can learn more about draft plans for the island’s forests in North and Central Mull.

A major component of the proposals, outlined in a routine review of land management plans for forests on the island from Salen to Tobermory and Dervaig, is the restoration of around 500 hectares of peatland.

The reviews occur every ten years and set out proposals for how the land will be managed over the next ten years.

FLS Planning Forester, Susannah Hughes, said;

“Developing a Land Management plan is a hugely complex process with many different elements that need to be addressed. Peatland restoration and habitat improvement for biodiversity need to be balanced with timber production and recreational access in what are valuable resources for both locals and visitors to the island.

“And on top of that, the local lochs are a mains water supply, there are deer to manage, a lot of rhododendron to clear and scheduled monuments to look after. We’ll also be adapting the woodlands overall to make them more resilient to the impacts of climate change and the spread of tree diseases such as Phytophthora ramorum which has devastated larch across the island.

“Commercial forestry will still be a focal point where appropriate but there are quite a few areas earmarked for change over the next decade. It’s all about ‘the right tree in the right place’ as we move forward.

“Anyone who would like to learn more about our proposals and give their views is welcome to come along and have a chat.”

Most of the peatland restoration will be around Ardmore and Aros, with additional restoration in Aintuim, Crannich, and Salen.

Anyone who is unable to make it to the drop-in session will be able to find out more about the Land Management Plan online.

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