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Forestry and Land Scotland is advising members of the public to avoid an area of woodland around Bullwood quarry in Corlarach Forest, near Dunoon, as it carries out felling work to deal with tree disease, Phytophthora ramorum.

There is no known cure or treatment for the disease, which affects a number of shrub and tree species but which usually kills Larch trees. The only method of dealing with outbreaks and slowing the spread of the disease to new sites is to fell affected trees as soon as possible.

The felling in this area is likely to be completed in December 2023.

FLS Education Ranger Steve Gillen, said;

”We appreciate that this area is popular with locals, and rightly so as it is a beautiful bit of woodland but with significant amounts of felling taking place, it is unsafe for visitors.

“Our main priority is always the safety of our staff and visitors, so we would advise anyone visiting to observe and follow all safety signage and detours and to enjoy that other trails and routes through Corlarach that are unaffected.”

Many FLS forests in the area have been hit by Phytophthora ramorum. Outbreaks of the disease, once confirmed, are the subject of  Statutory Plant Health Notices, served by Scottish Forestry, that require that infected trees – and those in a surrounding buffer zone – are felled in order to help slow the spread of the disease to other areas.

Steve added;

“Following the safety signage will also help to slow the spread of the disease because one of the ways it can spread is by the spores that cause it being carried around in mud or forest debris that sticks to footwear and tyres on bicycles, buggies, machines and vehicles.

“As well as keeping out of the work area, we would ask that visitors to do their bit to help protect the wider forest by following our Keep it clean advice and take a few minutes - before and after visiting - to clean off footwear, bikes, kit and dogs’ paws.”


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