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A washed out road in the South Loch Avich area threatened to derail essential harvesting work – until Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) civil engineers recycled a bridge! 

Essential harvesting work has been carried out throughout lockdown in order to provide the timber supplies - used to make pallets, wood fuel pellets and face masks – that have supported the national COVID-19 effort.  

The site at South Loch Avich was due to become part of that effort, until pre-harvesting site checks  revealed that a section of the main access route had disappeared.  

FLS Civil Engineer, Franco Giannotti, said; 

“That section of road had crossed a watercourse but over time the large corrugated steel culvert had become blocked with woody debris. A recent storm then resulted in so much water building up behind the blockage that eventually the water pressure had become so great that the culvert – and the road – gave way.  

“The only alternative route in and out of the site would have meant fully laden timber lorries using fragile public roads but that wasn’t really feasible. 

“We had to find a solution quickly before the harvesting site was due to commence – so we recycled a bridge.” 

With his knowledge of the local area, the local civil engineer identified a panel bridge that could be dismantled, moved to the new location and quickly re-built to provide a safe and effective crossing over the watercourse – in just three weeks. 

The old culverts were also removed and the river banks reinstated – and all in compliance with current construction Industry legislation and COVID-19 guidance. 

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