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Forestry and Land Scotland has installed a set of new family friendly interpretation posts in Reelig Glen which will quiz visitors on some of the tall trees, features and wildlife found in the popular woodland.

Ten posts have been installed on the Tall Trees Trail which takes visitors around the atmospheric woodland, full of different majestic trees, mosses, burns and bustling wildlife.

Each post identifies a feature along the trail and asks a quick ‘true or false’ question.

Sandra Reid of Forestry and Land Scotland said:

“Reelig Glen is a magical woodland which is very popular.

“It is famous for having some of the tallest trees in the UK, including the Dughall Mor and now taller Douglas Fir which was previously measured at nearly 66.5 metres in height.

“We also have the tallest European larch along with a number of very impressive trees which are worth a visit to see.

“Our new interpretation helps visitors learn a bit more about the woodland and its history, whilst being fun for families.“

Reelig Glen is often known locally as “the Fairy Glen” due to its secluded and atmospheric glades, high sides narrow gorges, running water and mosses. It’s located around 7 miles from Inverness on the A862.