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Forestry and Land Scotland’s deer management team in Aberfoyle have taken a step towards making deer management a Net Zero activity.

Thanks to the FLS sustainability fund solar panels have been installed on a deer larder and are proving to be both effective and efficient.

Installed without any disruption to the team using the larder, the system was adopted to help power the unit, which like all deer larders, runs a large refrigeration unit 24/7.

FLS Area Wildlife Manager, Paul Bekier, said;

“Deer larders are highly controlled environments that need a constant source of power to make sure that the carcasses are kept refrigerated to maintain their quality and condition.

“We hoped that installing solar power would reduce the draw of power from the national grid and so far its delivering and working well.

“This system has greatly reduced the carbon foot print of this deer larder and this system could be rolled out across FLS deer larders.”

FLS operates around 40 deer larders around Scotland that provide first stage processing facilities for deer carcasses culled as part of its contribution towards meeting the national cull quota.

The solar panels that have been trialed are expected to cut emissions over the year by around 1000kg and if adopted across all 40 larders would mean that refrigeration would be achieved with about 40 tonnes fewer of emissions.

With some larders now reaching the end of their working life, and others no longer conveniently located to the areas where deer management is being carried out, FLS is carrying out a review of its larder estate. As part of its review, it will consider making greater use of solar panels at other larders.

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