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A man stands along the beach at sunset

The Year of Coasts & Waters has been extended throughout 2021, showcasing some of Scotland’s most beautiful landscapes. However, our amazing coastline isn’t all about beaches or cliffs, and it comes in lots of different shapes and sizes.  

Here, we’ve picked our favourite coastal forests to inspire you to explore and learn more about Scotland’s incredible coastal landscapes.

Ord Hill

Some say this is the best viewpoint in Inverness, with views over both Inner Moray Firth and Beauly Firth. Making it a top choice to sit back and enjoy a stunning highland sunset. Ord Hill is also home to the remains of an old Iron Age fort; these early people would have been neighbours to those living in Craig Phadrig, which is just across the Beauly Firth.  
While there, why not try the Fort Trail. A 2.5 km, strenuous hikes through a rich mossy forest that leads up to the jumbled rocks of the Iron Aged fort located on the top of Ord Hill.

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 Marshy coast with trees and a calm loch behind

Aros Park

This forest is often seen as the back garden of Tobermory. It is an oasis, full of lush ferns and waterfalls, and scenic viewpoints of Tobermory and the craggy face of Ardnamurchan over the Sound of Mull. Aros Park is great for the whole family.

Try the Coastal Trail, which takes you along Tobermory Bay with stunning views of Calve Island.

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A picnic table overlooking the sea


Corlarach means 'common pasture' in Gaelic and was used by local folk to graze their cattle and sheep. This coastal forest rises high above Dunoon giving you fabulous views over the Firth of Clyde and Loch Striven, as well as a great chance to see local wildlife. With walking and cycling trails, there is lots to explore at Corlarach.

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 A white sandy beach with trees


Culbin is a diverse and ever-changing coastal forest with a fascinating network of tracks to explore on foot or by bike. Culbin is a diverse and ever-changing coastal forest with a fascinating network of tracks to explore on foot or by bike. We recommend visiting Hill 99, whose panoramic views over the high trees as far as Easter Ross is a must see for people new to the area.
With over 8.5 km of coastline to explore, Culbin is a great place to spend the day. This is generally a busy site, so visitors should be made aware of this and always have a plan ‘B’ destination.

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