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So, you’re planning a trip in a motorhome. What should you bring? Which campsite or caravan park should you book? This is where we can help you answer those questions. Travelling around Scotland in a motorhome is a great way to explore the country and discover the wide variety of experiences on offer. It gives you the freedom to set your own agenda and travel at a pace that suits you.  

If you’re new to motorhoming, or have hired one for a while, then it can be daunting to know where to start and the dos and don’ts of motorhoming etiquette. However, Scotland has a variety of dedicated websites and resources to help you plan your route and trip, covering every last detail.

Motorhoming Guide: Visit Scotland

Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

Follow road safety rules and driving etiquette

It’s always best for setting off in any vehicle that you check the road safety rules, etiquette and regulations to keep you and other road users safe. Take note of your vehicle measurements, and which side the fuel cap is on. If you haven’t driven a large vehicle before, take extra care when driving along bendy roads. Your vehicle may be bigger and slower than you're used to, so if there’s traffic behind you, let other drivers overtake you.

Parking a motorhome can be a challenge. Please leave access to gates and small roads, and avoid parking on verges.

Whether it’s raining, sunny or snowing, be prepared!

Scotland’s weather can change quickly so have a look at the forecast and be prepared for driving in hazardous driving conditions. In your campervan or motorhome, have a shovel, de-icer, warm clothing and plenty of extra food and water handy should you need them.

Two people leaning on car bonnet looking towards forest

Plan ahead

Scotland has a great range of campsites and holiday parks to book online. Check what accommodation sites are open and closed as well as car parks where you’re able to park overnight. If you are in a self-contained motorhome, you may be able to Stay the Night at some our forestry car parks too.

If you’re travelling around and about Loch Lomond & Trossachs, it’s recommended to purchase a motorhome permit online before you park up and stay overnight.

Stay the Night

Leave no trace behind

Before you leave somewhere you have visited, leave it exactly as you arrived. Take a look at the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and be aware of any natural hazards when outdoors. Setting bonfires or barbeques is not advised as these can get out of control quickly. If you have any waste that you need to dispose, campsites and caravan parks will have general waste and recycling facilities where you can manage this appropriately.

Five golden rules

  • 1: Plan ahead, and have a plan B (and C). If your chosen destination is busy, it's good to have a backup ready to go.
  • 2: Be considerate. Motorhomes are large and can cause parking issues for yourself and others. Leave access to gates and avoid parking on verges. Let cars overtake you on small roads.
  • 3: Take your litter home. The rise in staycations over the last year has seen a rise in litter. We love Scotland because it's beautiful - do your part to keep it that way.
  • 4: Be fire safe. We love a barbeque, but be careful where you light it and how you dispose of it. Wildfires can start easily, even from ashes and embers, so if in doubt, don't light it up.
  • 5: Enjoy yourself. Scotland is wonderful. We hope you have a great time exploring. The only thing we ask is that you take care of it for everyone else to enjoy.

All ready to go?

Have a look at our forest destinations and start planning your trip.

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