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Glenmore was purchased from the Duke of Gordon in 1923, only four years after our predecessor, the Forestry Commission, was established. Since then, the area has been a hive for recreation, conservation and forestry.

Over the past 30 years we’ve been working to expand the native Scots pine forest through native regeneration and deer management. Together with our National Park partners, were now looking at the next 100 years and how we’re going to address the impact of climate change and the biodiversity crisis.

As we stop to mark the centenary of Glenmore Forest Park under public ownership, we thought we would look at some of the areas lesser-known walking trails.

A woman and child walking in a pine forest

Loch Morlich

Enjoy peaceful views of open water and the mountains beyond. 

This lovely spot is great for those wanting to go for a walk or just simply take in the views and relax a while. With stunning views over the loch and to the mountains, it’s a great place to unwind and explore. Take the Loch Morlich Trail around the water and through a lovely woodland. This two-hour circuit has great views over the mountains and loch and plenty of wildlife and flora to watch out for.   

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a man walking on a boardwalk in a pine forest in winter


Allt Mor

A wonderful mix of tall pine, heather and blueberry.

The trails from Allt Mor take you through a mix of tall, thick pines, heather and juniper and are surrounded by the chattering of water tumbling down from the mountains.  

The 3.9 km Lodge Trail is a moderate walk around Glenmore’s National Outdoor Centre. Look out for small animal headstones along the path near the lodge. These century old dog graves belonged to the Dennistoun family who ran a shipping business in Glasgow.  

For those looking to walk further, you can follow the blue markers up the glen to the Ryvoan Trail, which adds another 2.4 km onto your walk.

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View over a loch with a forest and hills

Uath Lochans 

A forest of shimmering pools and great views.

This one is a bit off the beaten track but well worth the narrow winding road, as it's one of the prettiest woodlands around. The forest has two trails to choose from. The Uath Lochans Trail takes you through mixed woodland to the tranquil lochan while the Farleitter Crag Trail brings you high above to views of the lochan nestled amidst the Spey valley.

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 a wooden sculpture on the ground in a forest


Discover intriguing sculptures in this riverside forest.

With three trails and intriguing sculptures to discover, Feshiebridge is the perfect place for a walk or picnic along the wide grassy bank of the River Feshie.  

The Frank Bruce Sculpture Trail is a mile-long winding path through tall trees. Look out for the Frank Bruce sculptures which were lowered to the ground to allow them to naturally return to the earth, in line with the artist’s wishes. You can also take the longer River Feshie Trail or Feshie Woodland Trail. These are more strenuous walks with wonderful views of peaceful Cairngorms landscapes.

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