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Glentress Masterplan: Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors will see many changes at Glentress as part of the Masterplan development. If you have any questions about the work, you can email them to our South Region office at We'll add answers to the most commonly asked questions to this webpage on an ongoing basis.

Last updated: 28 June 2023


Is the Buzzard’s Nest car park closed?

Yes, the car park is now closed, as per the Glentress Masterplan. However, we’re pleased to say that new and expanded parking areas, adjacent to the Glentress Forest café and Alpine Bikes shop, are now open and ready to use.

How do you access Buzzard’s Nest?

Cyclists, walkers and horse riders can still use the forest road and trails as normal. Adrenalin Uplift will also continue to provide a bike uplift service. Find out available dates, times and prices online at Adrenalin Uplift.

Is the Berm Baby Berm trail being lost?

No, Berm Baby Berm will remain an essential part of our mountain biking offering, alongside our new world class trails.

Is the Blue Velvet trail being retained?

Most of Blue Velvet will be unaffected by the development works, remaining open throughout. However, the final section will be replaced – first by a temporary diversion, then by a new, permanent section of singletrack.

What is happening with the Zoom or Bust trail?

Zoom or Bust is now permanently closed. Ho Chi Zoom Link trail is also closed.

Why is the Freeride Park closing?

The Freeride Park is closed to allow Forest Holidays to begin their development. The closure of the Freeride Park has always been part of the Masterplan and we have kept it open as long as we possibly could without compromising on visitor safety.

While a new Freeride Park will not be created as part of the Glentress Masterplan project, we look forward to opening new trails, which will provide exciting opportunities for riders to push their skill levels.

What new trails are being built?

There will be 16km of new trails built as part of the Masterplan project, including:

  • Multi-User Path: This wide path will be accessible to all, including wheelchair users, and run from the Gateway Building across the hillside to connect into the existing walking trail network near the Ponds.
  • Green, Blue, Red and Black Network trails: These trails will link into the existing trail network and offer new descents ending just north of the Peel Tower. They can also be sessioned easily by a number of methods from joining the main trail network to using forest roads. The trails pass under the Multi-User Path. A trail naming competition in May and June returned over 1,000 votes confirming the four new trails as:
    • Apple Peel | Green: With a crisp surface as fresh as any Granny Smith, our new green graded trail runs along to the Peel building and is ideal for a gentle cruise or anyone starting out in mountain biking.
    • Turn and Burn | Blue: The new blue trail runs very near the Eshiels Burn, and features a considerable number of turns. This one is all about fun with big berms, easy jumps and incredible views. Strap in for take off.
    • Smells Like Tweed Spirit | Red: We’re confident our new red trail will become a must-ride trail at Glentress, building on the pioneering Spooky Wood style with a mix of features to keep you on your toes and put a smile on your face.
    • Castle Black | Black: Most of our new trails run down the west side of Castle Hill, but that’s where the similarity ends. Our new black trail is a beast and like nothing else at Glentress. Enormous jumps and high speeds make this suitable for expert riders who love a bit of air time.
  • Green, Blue, Red and Black Taster trails: These short stand-alone loops will begin and end to the south of the Peel Tower and provide a way to sample each grade before committing to a network trail. The shared climb will gradually change in difficulty from Green to Black grade as the climb goes on, before splitting at various points to separate Green, Blue, Red and Black descents. These trails do not directly link into the main trail network, but can be reached via the Multi-User Path, and can be sessioned easily. These trails also pass under the Multi-User Path.
  • Skills Loop: After the World Championships in August 2023, work will start on reducing the size of the new start/finish area and installing short skills loops of various grades to the south-west.



For any queries regarding the Masterplan project please contact Forestry and Land Scotland South Region in the first instance.


Phone: 0300 067 6900 (option 1)