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Faskally forest was purchased in 1953 and covers an area of 366ha. The forest forms the main northern backdrop to the town of Pitlochry and lies adjacent to the junction of the rivers Garry and Tummel. 

It is split by the A9 with the main part of the forest being concentrated on the steep western slopes of Craigower hill while the remainder lies on knolls along the eastern slopes of Loch Faskally. The Western section is better known to most as the location for the Enchanted Forest event which takes place every autumn. In fact however this area is also an important long term research plot for continuous cover forestry systems having been set up by Professor Mark Anderson in 1953. 

Faskally lies partly within the Loch Tummel national scenic area as well as the Breadalbane Environmentally sensitive area. 80% of the woodland is long established or ancient woodland. 

There are three main features of ecological interest within the forest. 

  • the first is the Moulin flush, which is to be found close to the boundary with Pitlochry golf course. This flush contains a rich diversity of plant life, including the black bog rush (Schoenus nigricans), and is a designated Scottish Wildlife Trust site. 
  • the second are the crags in the south-eastern edge, which are home to a wide variety of plants, the rarest, and most important of which is the sticky catch-fly (Lychnis viscaria) (which is found in only a few rocky sites in Scotland and Wales). The crags also provide a nesting site for raptors.Loch Faskally, marking the western limit of the forest, is part of the River Tay Special Area for Conservation (SAC).
  • in addition to these main points: Red squirrels are present throughout the forest but are particularly abundant in woodlands on the lower slopes and west of the A9. The forest is within a Capercaillie core area. 

There is a high level of public usage, both by locals and visitors, particularly in the area closest to Loch Faskally. Part of the Pitlochry walks system goes through the woodland providing links from Pitlochry to Killiecrankie and is popular with walkers throughout the year. The path to the top of Craigower Hill (viewpoint owned by NTS) rises up through the forest on the southern flank of the hill and returns on the forest road. This viewpoint gives stunning views to the west and east as well as a bird’s eye view of the southern end of the forest. 

In addition, Loch Dunmore is leased as a coarse fishery and also forms the centrepiece to the hugely successful Enchanted Forest, which attracts nearly 20,000 people in October each year. 


This plan was approved in January 2022 and will run for a period of 10 years with review at the five year point.

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