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We're always excited to see local people and communities make use of their nearby national forests and land. Whether holding wellbeing events, running outdoor learning projects, managing or even purchasing land from us through the Community Asset Transfer Scheme (CATS), community groups have a number of opportunities to get involved.

Young girl in turquoise wet weather gear and woollen hat ties string around trees, watched by young boy in blue wet weather clothes, at Sutherland's Grove, Barcaldine

Our Community Strategy 

Our Community Strategy sets out our priorities under three key principles and provides examples of existing community initiatives. Our strategy is an open invitation for groups to come forward with ideas on how Scotland’s national forests and land can benefit the wider communities they’re part of. 

Community Strategy

You can see a summary and analysis of the consultation responses here: consultation response and analysis.

Community led projects and activities

We try not to have too many restrictions on how our forests and land are used and many activities don’t need our formal permission. For other activities with longer timescales or impacts on the land, we’ll need to work together to create an agreement.

You can find more information on this, what you'll need in place, how to make your initial approach and what you can expect from us in our Communities Guide. 

Communities Guide

After reading the guide, if you would like further advice on how to proceed, contact your local office providing as much information as possible so we can get a good understanding of your idea.

Further ways we work with communities

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Do you want to volunteer?
We have a range of volunteering opportunities available such as maintaining mountain bike trails and footpaths, removal of rhododendron from native woodlands, replanting and helping with wildlife projects. Find out more about our volunteering opportunities  
Are you a business owner?
Much of our work is reliant on goods and services supplied by small to medium enterprises or micro-businesses. If your company specialises in land management, community/visitor services, catering or other business support areas, you may like to keep an eye on our procurement and tender opportunities or the facilities available for hire on the land we manage.
Do you live near one of our forests?
We review how each of our forests are managed every ten years and we’re always interested to hear the views of the people who use them. Find out about land management plan consultations in your area. 


Get in touch

Have a question about your local forest? Contact your local Forestry and Land Scotland office.

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