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The 65 hectare Lesmoir site is located near Rhynie at the bottom of the well-known Tap O’Noth hill. It is near Clashindarroch Forest, which we also manage.

The land was purchased in 2011 to support the Scottish Government’s woodland expansion policy and we are now at the stage of producing a draft land management plan. Our proposals are to deliver a range of environmental and economic benefits and provide permanent habitats for a range of species.

We have developed a land management plan to detail these proposals for the area over the next ten years.

During the development of the land management plan we have consulted publicly including with local community representatives and stakeholders known to have an interest in the plan area.

The plan has been approved and is now active. It is scheduled to be renewed in 2026.

Land management plan documents and maps

  • Plan summary (PDF 1.15MB) - a summary of the land management plan.
  • Land management plan (PDF 2.34MB) - details our objectives for the area and our management proposals.
  • Location map (PDF 680KB) - shows the location of site in relation to the local area.
  • Key features map (PDF 946KB) - shows the features that will influence the planting of the sites.
  • Analysis and concept map(PDF 1.03MB) - shows how the key features will influence the planting of the sites.
  • Species map (PDF 1.07MB) - shows how some of the site is to be retained in agriculture with broadleaf planting.

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