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Murdostoun and Mossband forest blocks are located in Central Scotland, near Shotts and Hartwood. They straddle the Newmill Canthill Road south of Salsburgh.

We assessed the forest blocks of Murdostoun and Mossband against the Strategy for Lowland Raised Bog and Intermediate Bog on the National Forest Estate in Scotland 2012-2022 (PDF 454KB)which identified that significant areas of these blocks were suitable for restoration. In view of this, and taking into account the poor performance of the existing spruce and pine plantation, it was deemed more ecologically and environmentally appropriate to convert some areas of plantation to a lowland raised bog open habitat.

Following extensive analysis, consultation and development work, the land management plan for the site was approved in June 2015 and covers the period from 2015 to 2025.

A brief summary of this plan can be viewed here (PDF 92.4KB)

Land management plan documents

Supporting documents

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