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The Rest and Be Thankful Woodland Creation Project area (PDF 1.9MB) is located on the steep south western flanks of Ben Luibhean above the A83 trunk road, at the head of Glen Croe. These slopes are notoriously unstable and, over the past few years, a number of engineering works have been carried out to help stabilize them and protect the road infrastructure. Native woodland creation will complement the "hard" engineering and bring other benefits such as improved water quality and added landscape and conservation value. The plan has been approved by Scottish Forestry, and Forestry and Land Scotland are working with Transport Scotland, planting a mixed native woodland with a range of species selected to maximise slope stability. Natural regeneration of native species will also be encouraged and there is scope for further planting adjacent to the core project area.

This site is very challenging. We are using helicopters and experimenting with novel planting techniques to help establish the new woodland. More information is available below.

Moving equipment by helicopter

Our team uses helicopters to move fencing equipment owing to the steep nature of the site.

Find more about our use of helicopters on the A83 project

Seed planting using drones

We are also experimenting with seed planting drones to help us establish native broadleaves on the steep hillside.

Learn more about how this modern approach to forestry can help us plant in our harder to reach locations.

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