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Strathlachlan Land Management Plan (LMP) (PDF 780KB) was approved by Forestry Commission Scotland on 15th May 2017, following consultation with a range of stakeholders. The plan is valid for a period of ten years and will be due for revision in 2027.

The LMP area lies approximately 4km to the southwest of the village of Strachur in Argyll. Running parallel to the eastern shore of Loch Fyne it covers an area of 1869ha and is divided into three distinct sections. Elevation ranges from near sea level to 368m and there are a number of woodland and open ground habitats.

Plan objectives emphasise the importance of establishing and maintaining a diverse, resilient forest capable of delivering a wide range of ecosystem services. They include:

  • sustainable timber production
  • diversification of species and age structure
  • protecting and enhancing ancient semi-natural woodland
  • maintenance of habitat for, and protection of, species of conservation interest

Land management plan documents and maps



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