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fls er angusglens sept2023 photo 93Since purchasing Glen Prosen in November 2022 we've been working to integrate it into our existing land holdings in Glen Doll, Glen Isla and Glen Markie. Our broad aims on purchasing the estate were in line with the Scottish Government's commitment to nature recovery, climate resilience and people's mental and physical health and well-being. 

It is a large project that will take time to deliver, but is of crucial importance having been named in the Programme for Government 2023/24.

The following update shows our aims, the progress we've made so far, and what comes next.

Programme aims

Our Angus Glens project aims to deliver an ecosystem fit for the future in the southern Cairngorms. We need to:

Restore nature

  • Increase native woodland cover
  • Improve river health
  • Restore peatland habitats
  • Support a variety of species

Improve climate resilience

  • Reduce the risk of flooding
  • Increase resilience to wildfires
  • Enhance the efficiency and capacity of carbon stores

Benefit people

  • Provide opportunities for education and skills development
  • Promote responsible recreation
  • Ensure our actions benefit the local community and economy

A roadmap showing the FLS Angus Glens timeline. Winter 2022/23: 3,500 hectares of land acquired in Glen Prosen.  Spring 2023: Staff recruitment. Breeding bird surveys. Summer 2023: Habitat mapping. Land management planning begins.  Autumn 2023: Scoping of plans. Partnership engagement and expressions of interest.  Winter 2023/24: Development of draft plans. Harvesting windblow and ongoing deer management. 2023-24 Phase 1: Planning and set-up: Spring/summer 2024 - public consultation on draft land management plan and second year ecological surveys.  Autumn 2024 - Final draft land management plan and early river resotrtion works start in Glen Prosen and Glen Doll.  Winter 2024/25 - Submit land management plan to Scottish Forestry.  2025-2035 Phase 2: Habitat restoration at scale 2035-2235 Phase 3: Benefits realisation

What have we done?

We have been working with our neighbours, the local community and many partners to build our Angus Glens programme of activity. This includes:

Land management plan consultation
We held a number of public events, an online survey, and consultation meetings to help us better understand the priorities, opportunities and issues of the local communities and stakeholders. Increasing native woodland was the most commonly mentioned subject by respondents (almost one in three) followed by recreational access. Scoping consultation feedback word cloud showing top 50 most commons words in response to the question: what is special about the forest and land in Glen Doll and Glen Prosen to you? Words are: natural, walking, fauna, unique, habitat, scenery, remote, forestry, wild, nature, accessible, forest, enjoy, opportunity, tracks, environment, diverse, corrie, angus, walks, special, fauna, unspoilt, trees, wildlife, access, local, people, outstanding, managed, doorstep, beauty, views, parking, forests, stunning, land, benefit, scenic

We are currently working on the draft land management plan and producing materials for public and stakeholder consultation which will begin in May.

Right: What Glen Prosen and the Angus Glens means to us, our partners, and the local community.
Expressions of interest for estate buildings
We have received several exciting expressions of interest from the local and wider communities for use of some of the buildings in Glen Prosen. 

We are reviewing these now and working closely with stakeholders to explore opportunities for collaboration.
Natural capital
We are exploring how we can finance delivery of our vision for Angus Glens through natural capital investment funds. Alongside NatureScot, we are also testing a tool for assessing the uplift in natural capital over time, following the development of our ecological restoration plans.
We recruited a Programme Manager and Planning Forester who both started in August 2023. We are also recruiting a Wildlife Ranger and Craftsperson to work in the Angus Glens from Spring 2024.

Deer management
We have been reducing the deer population across our Angus Glens estate including taking on deer management in Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve for NatureScot which lies between Glen Prosen and Glen Doll

We are selling venison into the food market from deer culled on the estate.

Our next steps will be to appraise various options for deer management to help us achieve our objectives. Reduction in herbivores will be essential to enable habitat recovery.
We have completed harvesting operations to clear some of the windblown areas in Glen Prosen, providing better access for future work.

We are in discussions with Angus Council about repairing storm damage on the public road into the glens and the Timber Transport Routes needed for haulage.
We have undertaken a range of surveys to inform the forthcoming Land Management Plan, including soils, breeding birds, habitats, and archaeology. 

Throughout 2024 we will be continuing to carry out ecological surveys and establish baseline monitoring, including: 

- fixed point photography
- drone footage
- peatland survey
- river restoration and freshwater habitats
- archaeology
- Cairngorms predator project camera trapping

A collage of three images. Top left: logs stacked by a road. Top right: a close up of red toned plants. Bottom: an underwater shot of a fish.

Harvesting operations commenced in 2023 to begin clearing windblow. Our surveys are helping us to identify the special flora and fauna that call the glen home.

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