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Forestry and Land Scotland are at the early stage of reviewing the ten year Land Management Plan (LMP) for Glen Loy forest. This scoping stage analyses the issues and constraints to be considered for its management and proposes objectives and priorities, short and long term, which will inform the preparation of the LMP Plan for the next 10 years.

The Glen Loy LMP area covers 1,418 ha and comprises the three separate forests of Glen Loy, Gairlochy and Mucomir, which lie along the lower part of the Great Glen between Loch Linnhe and Loch Lochy. The forests are predominantly spruce with a greater diversity of species introduced in the second rotation stands; the restructuring of all three forests has been ongoing for around twenty years. The Caledonian pinewood SSSI of Coille Phuiteachain lies within Glen Loy and there are other semi-natural and Plantation Ancient Woodland Sites in both Glen Loy and Gairlochy. There are areas of deep peats throughout Mucomir.

Continued production of sawlog timber will remain a key objective for these forests, while protecting Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland, expanding areas of native woodland, protecting watercourses and protecting and restoring peatland where appropriate. 

Draft Objectives:

The plan will meet the requirements of UKFS and UKWAS

  • maintain a sustainable, long term supply of softwood sawlog timber production
  • increase the resilience of the forest and its ecosystems to future climate change and other threats 
  • protect, restore and expand native woodland, focused particularly the pinewood at Coille Phuiteachain, the oakwood at Errocht and riparian woodland.
  • assess the areas of deep peat for opportunities to prevent carbon loss and for habitat restoration
  • engage with the local communities in developing the plans  for the future development of the forests
  • seek opportunities to work in partnership at a landscape scale for ecosystem restoration and increased the resilience of the environment
  • enable access into an attractive forest areas for improved health and wellbeing as well as a backdrop to tourism


  • Summer 2024: public consultation on the LMP scoping brief
  • Summer 2024: drop-in consultation event (date to be announced)
  • August/September: public consultation on the draft LMP

Documents and maps:


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