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Renewable energy

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Supporting Scotland's climate goals

The Scottish Government has committed to achieve Net Zero by 2045 and to produce all Scotland’s electricity needs by 2020. One part of reaching this goal is renewable energy. Energy sources like wind and hydro create green electricity for everyday life, and combat the effects of climate change. All of our schemes benefit local communities and some are owned and run by them. Our job is to facilitate responsible renewable energy on Scotland’s forests and land to support the nations’ climate goals.

What is Net Zero?

Net Zero is a balance. Despite clean technologies and greater awareness of our impact on the planet, cutting emissions completely is not feasible. Net Zero is a state of balance which means the same amount of emissions will be removed from the atmosphere as are put in.

The Scottish Government has committed to achieving a Net Zero society by 2045. This is 5 years ahead of the rest of the UK. Renewable energy helps to achieve this by providing energy with lower emissions. We also help by planting more trees which remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Below is the latest list of schemes generating power. This is updated twice a year. As a guide, 1,000MW of power can supply around 600,000 homes.

Currently Operating Renewable Schemes (EXCEL)

A note on figures
The figure for number of homes powered by renewable energy on FLS land comes from the power that can be generated, divided by the industry-standard per-homes-equivalent figure. This figure is determined yearly by the government and is the estimated energy usage of an average home.

Below, you will find links to other information about our renewable energy policies. Renewable energy can be a contentious issue. But we work hard with the government and stakeholders to manage Scotland’s forests and land responsibly to create a greener society. As part of our efforts to support the Scottish Government's emissions reduction targets and tackle the climate emergency, we continue to explore the potential of the renewable energy resource on the land we manage.

Renewable energy information

Find out more about the renewable energy schemes on our land, how it can benefit communities, and see our most frequently asked questions.

Get in touch

For more information please contact the Renewables Team at:

Phone: 0131 370 5160
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