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Argyll Forest Park is a land of craggy peaks and hidden glens, peaceful sea lochs and rushing rivers. Established in 1935, it’s Britain’s oldest Forest Park – and some folk say it’s the best!

The park stretches from the Holy Loch, an inlet of the Firth of Clyde, to the jagged peaks of the Arrochar Alps. It owes its rugged scenery to being at one end of the Highland Boundary Fault, the great crack in the Earth’s surface that marks the line between Lowland and Highland Scotland.

Beach and forest at Ardentinny

Although it’s only a short distance from Glasgow, it’s easy to find wild places here. Head to Ardentinny for relaxing, easy trails along a river and through bluebell woods, or Glenbranter to watch red squirrels. Just next to the holiday resort of Dunoon, Corlarach is a great place to get away from it all and perhaps glimpse red deer.

The park has some fantastic cross-country mountain biking routes. There’s a whole network of trails from Ardgartan, including a circuit round the peninsula that makes a thrilling day out.

Forests to visit

Family on footbridgeGlenbranter

Explore trails that range from a short stroll beneath ancient oaks to an all-day bike tour.



Couple dwarfed by woodland gorgePuck's Glen

One of the most magical forests in Scotland, with a delightful trail along a rocky gorge.

Puck's Glen


Mountain framed by treesBenmore

Next door to Benmore Botanic Garden, the forest here has some of Scotland's most impressive giant trees. Rhododendrons are a blaze of colour in summer.



Couple walking amongst treesKilmun Arboretum

Find your way through a grove of monkey puzzles at this little-known gem. It’s a fascinating collection of over 150 different tree species from around the world.

Kilmun Arboretum


Beach surrounded by forestArdentinny

There are easy trails suitable for wheelchairs and buggies here, and seaside strolls on Cowal's longest sandy beach.



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